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It's Me or the Dog

it's me or the dog
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A place for anybody and everybody that wants to learn more about their dog's behaviour. No matter how seemingly inconsequential your problem is, post it here and you might just find the answer to your problem. Whether you own a dog, are looking for a dog, work with them, or just have a general interest in them, this community is for you. Anyone that is interested in our canine companions brains and the way they work sign up now, the only stiplulation is that you say who you are, where you're from and tell us of your doggy experiences...*coughs*

A few rules though. Posts need to be related to the community idea. Whilst I will not remove anything that wanders off topic (within reason) after a thread has been started, any posts relating to sending you money for your sick animals, advertising litters, or anything else that the maintainers feel is not topical will be swiftly deleted and if offenders persist to post unrelated topics, there will be no hesitation in removing you from the community indefinitely. Sole discretion of the maintainers to delete anything as appropriate.