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Question??? Help please? [cross posted from my own lj] - dog_behaviour [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
it's me or the dog

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Question??? Help please? [cross posted from my own lj] [Oct. 18th, 2007|04:36 pm]
it's me or the dog


 Are acorns poisonous to dogs? We have a big oak tree in our back garden and Piggy (2.5yr old Pug who we've had almost a year) has just discovered acorns, she's now moved on from eating Pepsi's (rough haired saint bernard) hair (with resulting fibrous poo's *yuck*) to trying to eat acorns and i dunno if they're poisonous to dogs or not, Ruth, my wife, has just said that they're poisonous to humans but i know some animals do eat them (is it pigs that eat acorns? Maybe she really is a pig rather than a dog...) I am taking any i see her with off her and when Ruth's finished sorting the garage out this week i'll see if she can try and clear most of the fallen ones off the ground but there's still loads on the tree waiting to fall and the branches of the tree cover most of the garden and patio so it's not like we can limit access to the part of the garden that it covers either. 

Urgh greedy dog she seems to be hungry all the time and i just don't know what to do with her or what i can feed her that will fill her up without her putting on loads of extra weight as she's overweight already, it's not a boredom thing cos she shows no interest in chewing anything that isn't edible (unless it's my smelly shoes but thats mainly licking rather than chewing) and will only play with other soft toys for a few minutes if i really push her to try and play with me. The only thing i can think of is i'm going to switch her to dry food and work out her days food, put it in a resealable box and feed it her a little bit at a time during the course of the day as i know she will eat dry food like this and i always call it piggys special treats but she won't eat dry food in a bowl as a meal only like this, before i was only doing it for one meal out of two with the other meal being wet food and it was mainly being done to help her lose weight. 

Suggestions anyone?

Oh and for background info the woofs have free run of our enclosed and padlocked backgarden including having a dogflap so they go out whenever they want, it's not possible for me to supervise Piggy when she's in the garden as i'm disabled and use a wheelchair and there's no ramp out into the backgarden i'd have to go out the front door and round the outside of the house to the garden and by the time i got there she would have finished whatever she was doing and gone back inside.

[User Picture]From: nytewulf
2007-10-19 06:41 pm (UTC)
some dogs just believe that it is their right to eat until they are sick. somewhat like horses, who will eat until they are, and then eat that. ew. limiting the animal's food is the only way to be sure they don't become overweight. you may consider putting peanutbutter or something similar into a toy (or a kong, they're great) and letting the dog have that. it gives them something to do while trying to get at the tasty peanutbutter.
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