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Doggy accidents - Question - dog_behaviour [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
it's me or the dog

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Doggy accidents - Question [Nov. 19th, 2006|07:13 pm]
it's me or the dog


Hi everyone, i have a question about one of my dogs Pepsi a St Bernard, almost 4 year old spayed bitch. Ever since we got her at age 2 and a half years old we've always had problems with her weeing in the house (kitchen floor mainly) due to only ever living in kennels and so always being able to go out to the yard area to go to the toilet whenever she needed to, this was mostly solved by installing a dog door in the back door so she always has access to the outside to go to the toilet but we still have things we're working on as she'll still do it if its cold and wet outside (which i can kinda understand afterall would you want to go outside for the loo if it was tipping it down with rain???).

Anyway my question/problem is that today she seems to be having accidents in her sleep. Ruth, my wife, just noticed a damp patch on the carpet in front of the tv where she had been sleeping moments before and then later she came into the living room from the kitchen and i noticed her back end and tail were dripping wet as if she'd sat in her wee just recently so i called Ruth downstairs and asked her to look in the kitchen and she said there was a small puddle there (well small for a saint anyway). This isn't her normal behaviour. She has had accidents in her sleep in the past its one of the reasons we got rid of her dog bed (beanbag sort) as once she's had a couple of accidents despite washing it it smelled of her wee and so she thought she could pee on it whenever she wanted to (this was back when we first got her and was still teaching her to go outside as well) and there's a stain near the front door which is her normal sleeping spot which suggests she's had other accidents as well but its not normal for her to have so many so often. We're going to make a vets appointment for her tomorrow but i was just wondering if anyone else had any experience of this or might know what's causing it, i know we've been asked by our vet in the past if Sally our other dog (a springer spaniel) has had any bladder accidents as it can happen in spayed bitches especially when they're older (Sally's almost 11 years old we think) but Pepsi first started doing it before we had her spayed so it can't just be that in her and also she's still a pretty young dog even if you take into account the shorter lifespan of a giant dog.

Anyway i'm just worried, Pepsi's my baby, my little girl (lol) my protector, companion (yep she is my child substitute *grin*) and i love her to bits and i don't like to think that there's anything wrong with her or that she might be feeling ill in any way. So if anyone can suggest what might be wrong or even if there's anything we can do which might stop it then please say so.

Thanks for reading my rambling, Sonia

[User Picture]From: miss_teacher
2006-11-19 07:34 pm (UTC)
Both of my sister's dogs have problems with peeing/leaking in their sleep. I do not think they know the exact cause of it...one was spayed by the shelter before 8 weeks and one was spayed probably around 6 months. The second dog didn't develop this problem until she was past 4 years old.

Both are on medication from the vet and for them it works perfectly. They take PPA (phenylpropanolamine).
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[User Picture]From: bi_dancer13
2006-11-19 07:51 pm (UTC)
Oh cool thats good that there might be drugs that can help anyway, i'm hoping she's just got a uti or something as i know when one of our cats started missing the litter box and weeing in strange places they said she had a uti and that was the cause of the strange behaviour.

I think i'm just extra paranoid about anything being wrong with pepsi at the moment cos her 4th birthday is on fri and it occured to me that she's almost halfway through her life and i can't imagine ever not having her around or ever finding another saint as fab as she is so having this happen is just making me worry more about losing her. Lol i think i'm slightly obsessed with my dog! *grin*
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[User Picture]From: miss_teacher
2006-11-19 09:26 pm (UTC)
Whole Dog Journal did an artilce about urinary incontinence back in September of this year.

They say to check with your vet and get a urinalysis done to check for a UTI first. They say that up to 20% of female dogs have urinary incontinence (most common factor is from spaying which can happen up to 10 years later). BUt since she was doing it before she was spayed it's probably from something else. The article says low estrogen levels and other things can lead to a weak bladder sphincter. Other reasons for incontinence are UTI, bladder stones, congential structural defects (e.g ectopic ureters), spinal cord disease, and excess water intake.

They mention PPA like my sister's dogs take or another medicine calle DES (diethylstilbestrol)/. They also talk about herb treatments, so if you have a holistic vet you can ask about those. Corn silk, raspeberry leaf, horsetail, saw palmetto, nettle root, couch grass, uva ursi, agrimony, marshmellwo, plantain...those are some they say have been used. I wouldn't use any of those without consulting a holistic vet though.

They also claim diet can make a difference if you remove *all* grains. Check out grain_free, and that some peope found success with chiropractic ajustments and acupunture. And if nothing else works some people get surgery done for extreme cases.

But like I said, for my sister's dogs, they did very well on just PPA..a tiny bit every day.
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[User Picture]From: miss_teacher
2006-11-19 09:33 pm (UTC)
Oh and we're all obsessed with our dogs :) I'm a worrywart too with mine.

And some large breeds can go well past 8 years, so you might get lucky! Just keep her fit and healthy and eating a good diet to make it more likely.
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